Luck, Kindles and Lucky drawings

Like most people I know, I have the worst luck with lucky drawings – no matter how many coupons I purchase I never get selected for anything. It’s not bad luck – it’s an absolute lack of luck in my case. This past week in college was International Education Week (actually in all of Minnesota). As part of that, we had an international food week on campus (terribly cooked American versions) and a week-long trivia contest. I have never been huge on trivia. My parents love quizzing, and while I enjoy reading about things, my brain rarely retains any of it. So when I decided to try my luck at trivia, the last thing I expected was to answer all five questions correctly. To be fair, they were multiple choices, and I was able to make educated guesses, but I still left the booth feeling incredibly, and wonderfully smart. I suppose sticking around my parents while they quizzed had its advantages.

That was on a Monday, and I got put into a lucky drawing for a Kindle Fire HD with 2 other students. I did not go back to the trivia section of that booth for a long time after that, since I did not want to jinx this smattering of good luck. I did go and get henna done twice though – once on my arm (on a very cold day, where I almost got frostbite while the henna dried)  and once on my shoulder (it looked sexy, but trust me, it was very. very. very cold).

By Friday, I looked in alarm at the little coupon box – it was four times as full as it was on Monday! My chances of winning a Kindle seemed more distant than ever, and so I worked up the courage to try my luck at the trivia again. Here too, I was pleasantly surprised. A full five questions – answered correctly, plus I knew some of the answers from the person who went before me. Perhaps I underestimate my brain power?! Either way, I now had 2 chances fo winning.

The prize drawing was at about 5pm that evening along with some country spotlights put up by some international students. I almost did not show up to the event, but while walking by, the cookies laid out on the table, looked appetizing enough to chance my mind. About an hour later, I was glad they did. By some extraordinary change of fate, everyone present (about 25 of us) decided that for the bigger prizes (the Kindle being the best) you had to be present to win. The first winner was not. The second drawing had my name on it. PHEW! I walked away that evening, a Kindle Fire HD richer.

When they initially called my name and looked over at me, I did not look sufficiently excited and was told “you should be excited”. It was not that I wasn’t – inside, I was tremulous. It just took a while to sink in that I had won; and besides, I outright REFUSE to be one of those screaming über excited people – I prefer dignity thankyouverymuch.

This weekend, all I have done is play with my new toy – and a very exciting one it is too. It was also much-needed – my laptop contracted a very bad case of virus and has been out of commission for the last four months or so. I have had to rely on our school computers, which means that my email accessibility has not happened as often or as fast as needed. I just got done configuring my school email and google calendar to the tablet, and I just realized my to needed accessories.

I would rather not spend tons of money buying fancy-schmancy items, so I looked for DIY options instead, and because I am so so generous, I am sharing them with you –

1.DIY – Home Theatre –

2.DIY Stylus –

3.Mobile / Tablet case I plan to make –

Beautify them as you’d like, and you’re good to go.
Also, here is a blog site with all you need to know about Kindle Fires –

Have a great and lucky day!

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