I need YOUR help for homework

Hello wonderful WordPress community,
I need YOUR help for my homework that’s due tomorrow morning (12ish hours from now). I need at least five random people to answer these 3 questions on democracy for me please! I appreciate any and all answers. These are all opinion based, so there’s no right or wrong answer. And, as an added bonus, I don’t get graded on this – I just need to HAVE answers. So I’d appreciate it if you could take a minute to answer these please:

1)What are the criteria for “democracy”? How do you decide whether a country is democratic or not?
2)How democratic is the United States, in your opinion? What evidence do you see of its successes or failures? Can you provide any examples?
3)Is democracy entirely beneficial? Are there any disadvantages to democracy?

A big THANK YOU to anyone helping me with this! I really appreciate this! :D It will help immensely with my homework. If you don’t want to put your political views on my blog for everyone to see, you can email me your answers at thehappylifeaholic@gmail.com.

I posted this on my Facebook, but only 2 people replied so far! The more answers the better! <3

UGH. Not a single comment. I sincerely wish someone had taken the time to comment. I shall now have incomplete homework. Oh well..I tried!

Not even Kite-ing you

Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic:

A high school friend of mine, Urooza, wrote about the Kite Festival of Uttarayan, India. She’s a new blogger, so be sure to shower some love on her blog – let’s give her some new followers, shall we? She writes beautifully!

Originally posted on uroozablogsalot:

Anyone who knows me, knows that the only type of movies I watch are the kinds in which someone is eating, praying and loving… which is why it’s no surprise, that my bi-annual visits to India can be narrowed down to three of my favourite things starting with F: Family, food and festivals. I could talk for hours about the joys of seeing my overly attached family after months of pining for them (especially at times of 3rd year stress), or the extent and variety to which you can eat your feelings in India, but this blog post is for the festivals.

As a wildly nonreligious person, I pose a paradox when I say I love festivals. Whilst the meaning or spirituality of them may be lost on me, the festivities, traditions and togetherness is not. This year in January, I visited Ahmedabad, in Gujarat to see my extended family…

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Berlin Wall Graffiti

Someone graffitied my college’s name (University of Minnesota, Morris) onto the Berlin wall two years before it was taken down! Super cool! :DUMM on Berlin Wall

My College Campus

I was looking through some of the pictures on the University of Minnesota Morris’ Facebook page, and found some really gorgeous ones of the campus. I also dug through a few friends’ Facebook pages for some of these pics. Even though Morris is a tiny one horse school in the middle of nowhere, I will always remember its quiet unobtrusive beauty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[None of these pictures are my own. No copyright infringement intended.]

I’ll Tell Ya What I Want

Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic:

This is a post by a friend from my college! I was going to write something encouraging at the bottom, but then I realized that I agreed with the post. Bethany put into words my exact views on what I look for in a romantic relationship…
Waiting is the hard part. But thankfully school hasn’t given me a whole lot of time to think about relationships. I’m currently in a complicated relationship with my books.. It’s a pity they can’t sneak up on me and kiss me sometimes… ;)
p.s. Be sure to check out Bethany’s blog, y’all! <3

Originally posted on Bethany Ann Rants:

I went out with one of my best friends tonight. We went for dinner and to see our other friend that we haven’t seen in a long time. As I was taking her back home at the end of the night, we started having a really good conversation. She asked me the question, “Do you think I’m ever going to find someone?” I, of course, said yes. She’s smart, funny, and really pretty and she gives everything she’s got to the people she loves. I, in turn, asked her the same question and got the same answer.

Some days, however, I feel as if love and romance and a family are going to elude me. I’m terrified to death that I’m going to wind up old and alone. I’m 27 years old and still incapable of saying what I truly feel to someone. I’m weak-willed and so easy to step…

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P.S. I burnt my face

So yesterday wasn’t the best of days…but it wasn’t quite been the worst either. It was one of those days where I had extremely good things happen along with disastrously bad things. How do you classify days like those?

The morning was pretty good – Chelsea and I went shopping together and stopped by Don’s for a quick lunch, (fish burger and french fries :D) and then in the afternoon, I found I had mail from the wonderful Story Teller! :D I was super excited to open it, and it was honestly a work of art to look at. She wrote on really pretty handpicked blue and green paper and tied it with ribbons. In fact I was in such a rush to read it that I read it on the rickety Morris transit – bump for bump, word for word, instead of waiting to get back home first! Here are some pictures of it – stole the first 2 pics shamelessly from her blog –

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.22.30 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.25.30 AM

Photo on 2-24-15 at 8.11 AM #3Photo on 2-24-15 at 8.12 AM #2

So thank you, Story teller, for being the best part of my day :)

And then the evening is where things went drastically wrong. My mom flew up from Oman to Morris last night, so in preparation for her arrival I decided to make her some dinner at the apartment she rents in town. I made her some yummy stir fry broccoli and mashed potatoes, and then decided to make her some khichdi – an Indian preparation of rice and dal (lentils). I heated the oil, and put in some cumin seeds, and while I was waiting for them to begin to bubble in the oil, I remembered that I’d forgotten to put the pillow cases on the pillows as ma had asked. So I rushed into her room to do that, and when I came back out a minute later, lo and behold, the pressure cooker was on fire.

The thing was a pan of flames reaching almost the top of the stove hood. I ran and turned the stove off and picked up the pan unsure how to put the fire out. In my panic, I completely forgot that fire extinguishers exist. Besides, I don’t know how to use them, and by the time I could probably figure it out, the fire would have spread outside the pan. And so what did I do? I blew at the pan.

That’s right. I tried to huff and puff that fire out. Later in the evening, Bilal asked me if I thought I was superman. Truth be told, I probably did!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.23.17 AM

Of course, blowing into the fire only got a rebound wave of flames and heat and smoke into my face – thanks to which I’m now sporting singed hair and eyebrows, a burnt upper lip, and and singed eyelids. And as of this morning, I’ve officially lost my voice. Wonderful.


The fire itself, I put out – a few well placed shakes of the thing blew the fire out and thankfully the flames were contained within the pot. The shakes spread soot all over the pristine white kitchen tiles, so my landlady and I spent a while scrubbing the floors clean. Besides the fading smoke and lingering charred smell, when my mom finally reached Morris there was no evidence of the fire. Barring the once-silver-now-black pressure cooker.

It was a weird experience and for a good half an hour after that my hands were still shaking. I found myself sobbing in the bathroom at one point – although it was more from the fear of having burned my eyebrows completely off my face (thank god the damage is minimal) and shocking myself than my fear of the fire itself.

This morning, as I croak with my broken voice, I’m glad that nothing worse happened. I was still surprised by leftover fallouts of yesterdays mischiefs. My lip periodically oozes some sort of clear liquid, and when I showered this morning, I was suddenly greeted by the smell of burnt hair and soot in the water.

Once I’m done with my first class, I’m headed to the doctor. Also I just realized, maybe my mom shouldn’t visit me at college. Last semester when she came, I tore my knee ligaments half way through the semester, was on crutches till the end and then had to go home and get surgery (i now have had surgery on both knees -.- ) and last night, well, I almost burnt my face off.

But lesson of the day: NEVER look away from the stove.

How was your Monday in comparison?

p.s. – Story teller, your letter made me very happy – in fact re-reading it before I went to bed last night improved my day so so much. So thanks for being the silver lining in my cloud yesterday! :) <3

On my headphones

Totally digging these 2 songs I stumbled across today:

V Bozeman – What is Love

Mali Music – I Believe

Love, like, hate? Do you have any music recommendations for me? Let me know! 

International Music Radio Show – Tune In!

Listen to my radio show from 4-6pm CST tonight! I’m slowly working my way through the alphabet (of countries), with a different song from each, and few double features thrown in for fun! Today we’re covering everything from Aruba, Belize, Estonia, Greece, Jordan, Latvia and Namibia among other countries. Tune in only at kumm.org > Look for this box (below) and clock on one of the frequencies till you find one that works!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.53.25 AM
And if you can’t and still want the playlist, let me know. It’s ALL new music (as in not repeats from my iTunes!) and there are some fabulous artists on the playlist.

p.s. – If you were wondering, I’m posting this at 3:28pm CST. So I’ll be on the air in half an hour, for a total of 2 hours! :)

Pangea Central

Indian Wedding Parody through American Music Remixes

Indian wedding parodies of songs by Ke$ha, Queen,Macklemore, Lorde, Backstreet Boys, Psy and Lana Del Rey?! YES PLEASE!!!! This is my favorite Youtube discovery of the week. Enjoy 10 minutes of East India Company mocking the Indian wedding process through musical parodies! :D

This one has a lot of Hindi and Indian references but my English speaking readers should be able to get the gist of it! :D Also, I advise VIEWER DISCRETION! :D

I enjoyed the Lorde parody most! Which was your favorite?

* * * * * *

Here’s a rough/quick reference guide for some of the terms:
Shaadi = wedding
Baraat = the groom’s men
shor = noise
rassi = rope
daaru = alcohol
mandap = the wedding stage?!
laddoo = type of dessert
dulha = groom
manglik = Refers to the alignment of planet Mars (something to do with astrology) and apparently you can only marry another person who is manglik, or else your non-manglik spouse will die
aashirwaad = blessings
pair chu = touching feet for blessings
joota = shoes
“toh shaadi kyu karayii” – so why did you bother getting married?!
kundli= Here’s what Yahoo says:
a summary of the positions of planets when a person is born. Basically it is said that the planets have influence on the person and it can be deduced its effect by calculating its angle it is present at the time person is born. That is why date time and place is considered when the person is born.
Now as the kundli can tell about a persons nature then matching two persons kundli(for marriage) tells the compatibility between the two persons.
paisa = money
lifafa = envelope [presumably full of money?!]
bistar= bed
suhaag raat = wedding night
“meri ma boodhi hai” = my mom is old

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Are any of these translations wrong?! Let me know in the comments, and I’ll change ‘em up!

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