Only in ‘Murica

Let me share with you one of the first things I saw after landing in Minnesota yesterday evening.

We stopped by Walmart to pick up some fruits and veggies, and I decided I was too tired to walk around Walmart, so I stayed in the car. After staring my phone and Facebook (yay for free Subway wifi) for a while, I decided to look around, and this is the sight I was greeted by.

A black couple leaning against their car and talking while putting away groceries. The gentleman (? lol) of the couple decided to pull his already saggy pants down all the way under his butt, giving me a full view of his dark blue boxer covered behind, and he then proceeded to scratch his butt. After satisfying the itch, he left his pants down, and then pulled his white shirt over his larger than life belly, and proceeded to use his butt-scratch hand to rub his belly. In his other hand, he noisily slurped his soft drink in between talking to his wife/female friend.

I’m not sure why I looked as long as I did, but I sure as hell was wishing I had a camera with me at the time. Because this kind of stuff, happens Only in America.

p.s. – I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyway –  I am not trying to be racist in this post.


I’m back again after short break with two awards from my lovely readers, and more posts to follow after this one:

1. Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Marilyn from Hannamar. Thanks a lot <3

2. One Lovely Blog by Fawn from TriggersHorse. Thank you so much. <3

Both posts require me to write seven facts about myself and nominate some other blogs for this award, so here’s a combined post (2 birds, 1 stone ;) )

Here are seven random thoughts I just came up with:

1. I am a loyal, die hard Chocolate fan. But I dislike mint and chocolate.

2. When I was about two, I thought it would be a great idea to wear one of my mom’s bras on my butt and stroll out into the living room where we had guests. Picture a toddler with a bra on its butt, and huge sunglasses on its face, thumb in mouth. That’s me. Everyone loved it.

3. I discovered I have a fear of heights in a dream, but I still intend to go skydiving at some point.

4. One of my most memorable New Year’s holidays was spent in Oman at Ras Al Had beach, watching turtles under the moonlight. Fun fact, that night, our tour guide shone a light into a little hole where a turtle was giving birth. Poor thing had no privacy that night. Just some really bright torch light. On the bright side though, we later got to play with baby turtles. Super fun, and we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take pictures. (Those are the best kinds of holidays, right?)

5. I managed to spoil my perfect eyesight by reading books under the reflected lamplight from the road outside my window after light out (or alternatively using a torch under my blankets), and also by sneaking in TV time when mom was out taking driving lessons (I was about 8) by sitting with my face nearly pressed up to the TV so I could turn it off in a matter of seconds and dash back to homework. Fun stuff.

6. I have a very short lived attention and motivation span. I start things and tend to lose interest in them very fast. And truth be told, that’s probably why I took as long of a hiatus as I did for this blog. Sorry not sorry.

7. I used to write poetry pretty regularly up until 11th grade when I decided to show some to (and write some for) a friend I had a crush on. Things didn’t work out, and somehow that turned me off poetry writing for a few years. Since then my poetry comes in random spurts once in a very long blue moon.


Here are six blogs and bloggers I absolutely love. The rules of the awards require different numbers of nominations, but I decided to make my list short and sweet. Because if I make it long, then I won’t have anyone new to nominate when I get my next award. Also some of my favorites don’t accept awards.


1. Wheelchair Traveller — This Israeli blogger truly inspires me, and this is something I’ve spoken to my friends about as well.  This beautiful, strong blogger lives close to the Gaza Strip, and reading her blog always reminds me how lucky I am to not have to worry about bombs and rockets whizzing by my head on a daily basis. Thank you, for making me a little more grateful for the security in my life. It is with good reason that you are at the top of my list. <3

2. The Beasts in my Mind – I only recently discovered Agha’s blog, but I am in love with his smooth and engaging writing style. Even his most serious posts capture my interest from the very first sentence.

3. Behold The Infinite – If only I were half the writer my friend Marie Celeste is! Visit her blog to find a wonderful selection of fiction and poems. I know she doesn’t accept awards (why must you be difficult? :/ ) but I’m going to post this here anyway so that she gets some of my traffic. [Because I love her blog enough for that.]

Lovely Blog

1. Keep Picturing – Keyur runs a photography blog, and his pictures truly are wonderful. And if that isn’t awesome enough, he sometimes peppers his pictures with poems and memories. I encourage you to visit his blog – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2.Richard Ankers – Richard writes some of the best poetry I’ve come across on WordPress, and he has a long list of awards to attest to that! Here’s to adding one more to that list. :)

3. Retirement Lifestyle Blog – 007pandas, besides having a wonderful blog name (Pandas!!!) has a lovely blog full of thoughts, memories, pictures and opinions that I am all too happy to read.