Announcing Radio Show

I’m excited to announce that I will have my very own radio show every Sunday from 12-2pm CST starting this weekend. I haven’t named my show yet, but I did have a friend suggest on Facebook, that I call my show “You can’t spell radio without Adi,” get it?! ;)

KUMM is a U-90 alternative station hosted by the University of Minnesota, Morris meaning that it does not play any top 40 songs from the last decade. It’s a student run college radio show. For my show I plan to play a mix of world music (different countries) and songs from bygone decades since I don’t really see much of that here in rural Minnesota. As a rule we have to play 2 songs from new artists every hour so there will be that as well (2 hour show = 4 songs) – but I’ll try my best to pick artists who match my show-type.

You can listen in on FM 98.7 (Minnesota people) or stream it online at Again, that’s 12-2pm Central Time. This Sunday will be my first time on air alone after one apprentice show with a veteran DJ, so forgive me if I’m a little shaky with all the controls etc. This radio show has absolutely nothing to do with my blog, but I’d love it if you tuned in and listened all the same. I’ll also be online on my blog, and the station has a call line so you can always send me requests, and I’d be happy to play them for you.

p.s.- if you’re on the KUMM website and wondering why it hasn’t been updated for years, I don’t know! Hopefully that will change in the future!

Love, Adi

Juvenile Memories – Me Mutha

My version of the original popular poem that you can read HERE. I wrote this one back in 2009, when I was 16. Enjoy!

Me Mutha

I has an ‘intristin mutha

who is somtymes quite a pain

coz I’m always dressed quite sensibly

and quite protected in the rain


The kids livin down the streets

they’s got quite nice mums

Mum’s who ain’t indignint

when they won’t compleet their sums


Me mum goes on about me spellins

and about me gwamma too

and then she takes away me cake

when I “can’t” finish me stew


Sumtymes I’m in a fix

for what’s a kid to do

when her mum’s yelling from outside

and the kid’s locked herself in the loo.


She yells when I calls her “mum” or “mom”

She’s much prefer “mutha” or “mumma”

But really it sounds as tasteless

as the veggies she makes for suppa


My mum’s quite fond of gwounding me

In fact there’s hardly ever a day

When I ain’t in and out of twouble

Or gittin in her way


I wonda where she came from

Cud I possibly get another?

Coz sumtymes when I’s naughty

She’s rather not be my mutha


She’s very fond of my bottom

Tho’ she smacks it kinda haard

When I goes and plays with pain

Rights after I’s been showered


Even on my birthday

She exercies her voice

When we argue about wearing

The clothes of MY choice


But for all the times she’s sweet

I’s quite willing to forgive ‘er

For when she washes out my tongue for lying

Or boxes me in me ear


The only wun in me family

Who is really quite a saint

Is me dad when he is ‘aapy!

He says he finds me quaint.


Hope you enjoyed that little tid-bit form my 16 year old self (pretending to be a five year old) ;)

Does any of this sound familiar to your own childhood or parenting?

Poem: A Fisherman’s Song

This summer I stumbled across an old book of poetry that I’d written back in Middle school. I was in two minds about posting the stuff so I waited till college re-started and brought the book back with me to the States. I read over them last night, and although my poetry was and still is far from perfect, I think the poems reflect where I was mentally at the time. So here’s the first of the lot. It was inspired after I read Earnest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and The Sea.’ It’s also an incomplete poem, but I didn’t want to change that -

The time’s near come

I must be gone

‘Ere man sees

the light of dawn.


‘Tho I am sleepy

I must awake

Before of dark

The sun will break


To soar above

into the sky

Where dreams of

empty bellies die.

Romance and Mosquito Kisses

I hate mosquitoes. I really really really hate them, and want to squish the life force out of all of them. Why?

Well last week, I managed to get about 10 or so mosquito bites on my calves, and I itched at them for a while, then gave in and bought anti-itch creme, and my calves got better.

Last night, my friend Anthony wanted me to come star gazing with him at 11pm. Terrible idea. We walked a few meters away from our college campus towards sleepy old Morris town, and stopped on an old field that until last year used to house the creepy abandoned Asbestos filled high school that has since been torn down. Now the field is home to a variety of weeds, grass and insect life, the latter of which, is the cause of my misery today.

So Anthony and I sat down on a blanket and looked up at the night sky. Morris, being a small college town of only about 2000 odd people, is far enough from city lights to see some beautiful stars at night. About a few minutes in, he turned and kissed me – which was surprising, but quite okay. We’ve pretty much been flirting all summer, so I figured it would happen at some point or the other. I was suddenly aware of little pings on my legs, but I kept brushing my hand at it and ignored it. Twenty minutes later, when neither of us could take it any longer, we decided to call it a night and reconvene some other time. I’m not going to lie – that was the best and worst night ever. He’s a great kisser, but I’ve never been so turned on and turned off at the same time. Kisses on my lips from him, and kisses on my legs from mosquitoes – that’s way too much for me to handle.

Itchy all over my legs, I ran back to my on campus apartment and stripped off my pants faster than I have ever done before in my life. My roommate, took one look, and freaked out. My thighs and calves were covered in hives from over thirty mosquito bites. I was all sorts of itchy, and none of us had any anti-itch creme/lotion on hand. Eventually, I desperately called my Cambodian friend Monica who had Tiger Balm with her. Tiger Balm is basically a herbal gel type thing that has camphor, menthol, mint oil etc in – basically soothing natural products that work way better than any itch creme I could buy in a shop.

A couple minutes after applying it, I felt much better, and I’m happy to say that this morning I’m barely itchy, and all my nasty hives are gone. So that’s my TMI story of the day. 

If there’s anything learnt from last night it’s that a) I’m never ever going to sit in the grass at night during summer b) I’m never wearing black yoga pants out at night because black attracts mosquitoes c) when I see Anthony next, I’m killing him for his terrible idea.

Love, Adi